Friday, July 08, 2005

A little historical perspective for the Moslems...

The problems are:

they won the crusades;

they haven't progressed since then and think we haven't either;

they didn't go through the wars of religion and so don't have a cultural revulsion to same; and

they mistake forbearance for weakness, because they would not forbear.

The Germans killed a quarter of their OWN PEOPLE fighting over religious trivia in the 30 years war. I strongly suggest that intelligent or self preservationist moslems consider that statistic before approving of those picking a religious war. And that those who live in the west choose to be our allies openly and obviously.

We are nice and kind fat and soft and ridden with unearned guilt. We also have a history of savage bloodshed that makes the earth blanch.

We are horrified by what our own civilization did as recently as 1914-18 and 39-45. But we DID do it, and there are plenty of men still living who found it possible to incinerate cities full of white European babies, or throw them screaming into gas chambers for that matter. Enough of their grandchildren can be found to push the buttons.

Forbearance and measured response are still what we are doing, but we might decide they aren't effective.

And OUR jihad won't just blow up a handful of buildings and a bar and some trains and a bus. Everybody loses in a war, but some lose more than others.

Beziers, Magdeburg, Ypres, Guernica, Rotterdam, Auschwitz, Hamburg, Tokyo, Kolyma, Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

We are crazy. Maybe ought to not fuck with us too much.


Anonymous said...


Your post knocked me off my feet for a reason you can't imagine.


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Anonymous said...

"The Germans killed a quarter of their OWN PEOPLE fighting over religious trivia in the 30 years war. "

Yeah, though a lot of countries got involved in that conflict-- France, Spain, Sweden and quite a few other places. It was one big stupid free-for-all with religious ideas at the basis, but plenty of selfish grasping by the powers involved.

"Beziers, Magdeburg, Ypres, Guernica, Rotterdam, Auschwitz, Hamburg, Tokyo, Kolyma, Hiroshima, Nagasaki."

Add to that Dublin (Brits were pretty good at massacring Irish over quite a few centuries). Come to think of it, add pretty much any city in India during the period of British rule. Brits managed to kill a good 40-50 million poor Indian people after the Indians tried to spark a rebellion in 1857 and the years following, and after that the British made sure to take enough farmland and send enough Indians to death camps that there was a nice little catastrophic famine every couple months or so. Damn, 40-50 million Indians-- that's gotta be a record, and the Brits did this around the same time as those concentration camps in South Africa in the 1890s or thereabouts.

I agree, we *are* some crazy SOB's sometimes. Although to be fair, the Brits had their asses handed to them by the Afghans in the mid-1800s, plus had their asses kicked twice in Buenos Aires of all places in the early 1800s. Then there's that evil SOB Muhammad Ali-- not the boxer, but the Albanian Egyptian leader-- who defeated and humiliated the British in 1805 or so. Plus there's the Stern Gang and Aden after WWII-- damn, the Brits have have had a rough couple centuries when it comes to fighting wars, and we haven't even gotten started on the Somme or Gallipoli or Singapore in 1942, or Yorktown or Saratoga for that matter.

Still, I like your advice. We can be crazy SOB's at times, so better not to mess with us.

Jerry The Geek said...



It might not be a bad idea to bring back Benjamin Franklin's Rattlesnake flag (the 'Gadsden' flag), to be displayed just below the national flag at all public buildings ... and at the United Nations.

"Don't Tread On Me"

Windy Wilson said...

Yes Sir! The "radical" muslims think they are the only ones tough enough to go indiscriminately killing their enemies and on that basis they think they will win.
Leaving aside the fallacy of "we're the only ones ____ enough to _____", I want to remind them, as you have, that some 70 years ago a certain central European people belived the democracies to be too soft to be as ruthless in fighting as they believed themselves to be.
The modern enemies of Western Civilization would do well to heed that warning of history and get civilized themselves. Post haste!