Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Moslem victory, with not a single casualty...

“Did you see the news today, Ahmad? All the brothers had to do was TALK ABOUT carrying bombs onto airplanes, and now they quake in fear of every gym bag! Until the end of time, no Infidel will carry a Godless bottle of water or satanic book onto an airplane! Millions of money and thousands of hours of aggravation, just from talk!

Allah is truly mighty, that the west cowers from the very thought of martyrdom operations!”

Next year, look for a terrorist plot involving exploding underwear. Then we'll have to fly naked.

If we overreact to the point where millions of passengers can't carry a laptop onto an airplane, then they have beaten us. We're just waiting for the next command. When there's a conspiracy about bombs in ships, look for multi billion dollar ship precautions and follow on delay and expense. Train bombs? Inspect every boxcar with the new Federal Department of Every Box Car Inspection.

What strikes me is that they are winning huge economic victories without taking a single casualty. They just have to find some jihadis who are willing to "conspire", get caught, spend a few years in a safe western prison, and come out as heroes. We- as we permit our masters to direct us- deserve to lose.

The proper reaction is this:

"Today, we discovered a plot to bomb airplanes. We know that the oil revenues of Saudi Arabia are used to finance the men who encourage and plan similar conspiracies- maybe this one, maybe not. I have today ordered the sequestration of every bank account and financial instrument owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ten per cent of each account or instrument will be deducted to pay for investigation, infiltration, and destruction of jihad encouragers. To help prevent conspiracy, every cellular telephone tower in Saudi Arabia has been disabled. To promote air safety, no airplane may fly to, from, or over Saudi Arabia. These measures will continue for at least the next 180 days. Since no one was injured in this jihad attempt, we have not killed the hundred most senior government officials of Saudi Arabia, nor have we confiscated that country's oil infrastructure. We hope this encourages the government of Saudi Arabia to bend its efforts to discourage murderers rather than to incite them. To other governments, Saudi Arabia was a random choice among jihad encouragers. Next time it could be you. To our own citizens who side with our enemies, think again. To those who call this disproportionate, if you were on those airplanes you would think differently. No reaction to threats against Americans is disproportionate or beyond imposition. I will not go to another funeral caused by our weakness."

"The carrots have failed. I will fight the war they want. I will over react. I will profile. I will punish disproportionately. I will put cruise missiles and SEAL / SAS teams on the kings and prime ministers who finance this. We will ATTACK our enemies. THEY will never know where the next blow will strike. THEY will wonder what form it will take. THEY will fear US. That is all."

No one walks around Germany with a swastika on. Why not? It's not sensitivity or guilt, it's because the last time that happened, Germany was turned into a smoking ash heap.

SOME political leader is missing a real chance.


Anonymous said...

Yes, your idea of fining the oil sheiks is valid and I like it. But, so is absolute exteme profiling, visa confisation, iman deportation, mosque closing. Anything goes in this war to the Death of the West. This is a world wide war and too much of our leadership doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

The John Foster Dulles school of diplomacy: instant and massive retaliation. Unfortunately, we are too PR minded to have the guts to do so.