Friday, January 13, 2006

Eric Watson beat the fix!! #$%^&* voters...

Do try to follow this tragic story.

Republican was elected, but when he arrived in Nashville he lined up at the corruption trough with the machine Democrats, and became their go-boy.

Then he was caught with his hand in the jar, and resigned- but his replacement was appointed by the county commission in the smallest, majority Democrat, county in the gerrymandered district. So no problem, he was replaced with a machine Democrat, that gave her the incumbency advantage in the special election. Good enough to deter any significant Republican from running. Perfect resolution- replace RINO with actual Democrat as a result of a Democratic bribery scandal.

But then those CITIZENS have the AUDACITY to elect a REPUBLICAN NOBODY. He might even be a GENUINE REPUBLICAN.

Love that democracy, eh Mr. Speaker?

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