Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Theodore Roosevelt and Coretta Scott King...

When King Edward VII died in 1910. former President Roosevelt happened to be in England and was invited to attend the funeral. It was a huge pageant and procession, which was governed by ancient medieval rules.

The various presidents of republics, having no titles of nobility, were assigned to march behind the Emperors, Kings, Dukes, and Barons.

The President of France found it unreasonable that he had to follow a bunch of titled nobodies, and told Roosevelt so. T. R.' reply-

"For God's sake, keep quiet. This is a funeral."

I am only saying.


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Joel said...

Are you sure it wasn't Edward VII? I thought Edward VIII was the one who abdicated in the 30s to marry an untitled nobody.

A minor picky on an otherwise excellent point. This is how a funeral ought to be treated.