Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Can Harvard hire this man to be its new president?

Ha. Like that will happen. It's some big mistake that he's the boss at the Sorbonne.

  • "I know people will say I'm a horrible reactionary but I'm very angry about the ignorance and the stupidity not just of youngsters but of the French because we have the youth we deserve."

  • If you click on the blue paragraph above, the article I quote from will appear as if by magic.

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    Stew said...

    Its ironic that he fears that people will call him reactionary when in fact it is the protesting students who are resisting change.
    At work I show the nespapers to my colleagues. There are the students in photos splashed on the front page. I mimic protest type chanting "we've never worked and we don't want to start".
    Many french people confess that they are a lazy nation. I insist they are mistranslating, they are not lazy, but too comfortable.

    The archbishop of Paris said "Honestly, I do not believe that anybody can guarantee you this security, no more than guarantee that you will have a standard of living comparable to your parents,"