Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A reaction to my Hirsi welcome!

The author of

  • www.militantislammonitor.org
  • , a quite useful news collector whom I'll blogroll, tells me

    "The US deserves Magan/Ali whatever her name is", and cites us to an article which rightly reminds us that Theo Van Gogh was slaughtered and should be remembered for his work and death. He's right about that and I agree. The article goes on to review Ms. Hirsi's financial success from self promotion, and I suppose that's true enough, Jane Ordinary Somali wouldn't be on a lecture tour but J. O. S. didn't write "Submission" either. The article continues,

  • " Her deragatory remarks about Islam and Muslims, as a member of parliament have rendered her ineffectual when it comes to having an influence on Muslims,and carrying out her stated mission to liberate Muslim women. As a result she made her name 'preaching to the converted',and has announced that she is working on a book with the preticious title "The Path to Enlightenment".Besides the fact that Ali is no theologian, it is obvious that no Muslim would care to be enlightened by someone who has publicly renounced their religion and is considerd an apostate."

  • EXACTLY. We are not trying to "enlighten" Moslems within their religion. Our liberties are inconsistent with Moslem theology. Sharia is inconsistent with the U. S. Constitution. A "true believing Moslem" can't live his faith, as currently defined by our enemies, in our world. Not any more than he could dine at
  • Waycrazy's
  • , or permit his daughter to dance in the ballet.

    If you are a Moslem, and you believe that your society should have civil religious liberty, you ARE an apostate.
    If you are a Moslem and believe that women who want to should be free to show their hair or vote, you ARE an apostate.
    If you are a Moslem, and believe that your society should contain stores where bacon or Bibles are freely sold, you ARE an apostate. Our enemies are as pure as Loyola- there are only believers and the damned.

    And an essential, organic part of their belief is that there should be NO SUCH THING AS CIVIL SOCIETY. They believe that all life should be guided by Allah's will, and that will includes no freedom for non believers. Dhimmi or dead.

    And we can fight them by example or choose to continue not to.

    No, she's not perfect. But I believe her message is better than the one from the Taliban's press secretary. And her message- that Islam, as believed, preached, and practiced by our enemies- is slavery and violence for women- should be shouted loudly and regularly. Our red "feminists" are M.I.A. about it, their eyes closed by tears of the white man.

    Anything that helps draw the lines more clearly is a good thing. If our enemies hate her, if they see her as their enemy, then she belongs here. Her presence is a giant signal "WE ARE YOUR ENEMY. WE SHELTER AND PRAISE THE APOSTATE. WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE HER HERE. LOOK, HERE SHE CAN SAY WHAT SHE WANTS. ". Face it- Europe won't, can't resist effectively. We, the U. S., are the real foe of slavery, the place they can't leave alone. Our culture is killing theirs.

    So again, welcome.

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