Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Infidel harlot in France stoned for eating a sandwich...

Sorry to steal the
  • infidelharlot
  • 's name, but really- this 14 year old girl was eating a sandwich in Lyon when some Moslems decided to enforce ramadan.

    Do you notice that these characters never go one on one with big strong men? The religion of bullies, too.

  • The original report is in French.

  • This is the Babelfish translation. (In France a College is what Americans would call a high school.)

    Attacked because she lunched during the Ramadan

    The incidents took place in the playground of the Jean-Mermoz college

    Four minors were put in examination Tuesday to have thrown stones with a girl who ate a sandwich in a college, in Lyon.

    Amélie GAUTIER - 10/10/2006 - 16h49

    The headmaster speaks about a "phenomenon of violence in a small college of ZEP", a source of the newspaper the Progress, which reveals information, speaks about teenager attacked "under pretext which it did not observe by the fast of the Ramadan". A pupil of third to the Jean-Mermoz college located in the eighth district of Lyon was slightly wounded Thursday after having received stones thrown by four old boys from 12 to 16 years, according to sources'. The latter reproached him for eating a sandwich during the Ramadan. The facts occurred in the morning in the course of recreation. The supervisors quickly intervened, the 14 year old teenager examined by a doctor was slightly wounded with the face and "very shocked". She did not have a ITT.

    "It is a school incident of life which occurs in a a little difficult district", the director of the establishment Philippe Vanzetti in station estimates since September in this small college located at 500 meters of the Large mosque of Lyon. Side of the vice-chancellorship, one refused Monday to evoke the non-observance of the religion as reason for the aggression of the teenager "It is necessary to take time to analyze the facts. However, being in in full period of Ramadan, one can put the question. " According to Progress's, "the thesis of an act related to the non-observance of the Ramadan is however confirmed by the court of Lyon on the faith of the first elements of the investigation". In addition, two minors recognized the facts.

    The following day of the aggression, the headmaster joined together all the college "to make a recall with the law". "Each teacher also took time at the beginning of his course to speak about violence at the school with the pupils", specifies Philippe Vanzetti in And to set up this week of the publicity campaigns at the compliance with the rules "It is necessary really that the pupils understand that violences must remain with the doors of the college", hammers the headmaster. The family of the teenager carried felt sorry for Friday. Six people were heard with the police station of the 8th district. Presented at the court Tuesday, four minors were put in examination.

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