Thursday, April 26, 2007

French stag hunting meets the projects...

So, the other day I have a school robbery case. Victim was in the locker room when an older and bigger boy hit him and took his wallet.

Victim is a child from the projects, 14 or 15. Portly and shy, he told me he was changing for band practice when he was attacked. I didn't go to "high school", but I know what "band kid" means. This boy is one.

I asked him what instrument he played, and he told me the French horn. Hmmmm...

So while he waited, I went in to the office and ran up some Youtubes of St. Huberts-

Then I took him in and told him about the origin of the French horn and how it's still used in hunting today. Then I played the films, LOUDLY.

He was just fascinated. I could see that he had never heard of this stuff in his school or in the housing project where he lived. It was fun to give him a sight of a wider world, and to let him see there was a connection between himself and people from far away, long ago, and very different cultures.

His mother called me the other day and told me that he's still talking about it, looking history things up, etc.

Sometimes it's not ugly.


j said...

nicely done. regards, jack (dinocrat)

Barbara said...

Very decent of you to take the time with the boy.

the rep said...

That was a good thing for you to do.