Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stripper goes to the psychiatrist...

"Doctor, I have this recurring dream where I'm at work, everything is fine and then suddenly I'm wearing slacks and a blouse..."

The other day I was driving along, musing on anxiety dreams. I too have dropped out of dream school, and quit dream work too. (So now that am I a dream illiterate bum, where's my dream welfare?)

Aaanyway, I was thinking about the dreams I once had where I'm at work, and everything is fine, and then I realise I'm undressed below the waist. No one else minds, that's how I know it's a dream.

And the thought jumped into my mind, if I were a stripper would I dream I had trousers on?

At what point would the dream adapt? When I was a groom, the dream was being unprepared- the extra girth not packed or the spare stirrup leather still in the trunk instead of on me. When I changed to a credentialed, grown up profession I became prepared but naked.

How about part time, this is just temporary strippers? Are they naked at the day job instead? Both? How about other naked(ish) workers- life guards, Olympic divers? Do ballet dancers dream of climbing boots?

I don't know any strippers, but the internet does, so I started googling and found Dreams From A Sleepy Stripper, which is now on the blog roll. I too am at times fascinated by dreams and what they, and the act of dreaming, and our shared dream worlds, mean. Good movie, animal, and death insights, too. It's worth a look!

I still want to know if strippers dream of wearing clothes, and now I have plenty of new things to think about!

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Miss Carnivorous said...

I don't know about strippers but once my sister had to take a sign language class to fulfil a second language requirement. I took it with her. One of the women in our class wore next to nothing.

Our teacher asked me why I thought she dressed, or undressed, that way. I said I did not know, then while on a plane to Hawaii I saw her with 3 other women dressed just like her. She said Hi.

One day, while walking down a street in Maui, I saw the woman and her friends prostituting themselves to Japanese tourists.

I guess they flew there, made some money, had a vacation and went back to sign language class.

Turns out she was a hooker with a deaf child. She was taking the class to learn how to talk to the baby.