Monday, September 08, 2008

First day out!

For us, it was a 7 A. M. meet- misty and not too hot, the forecast was 83 and sunny so we beat the prediction!

Hounds hit the side of "The Knob", and found immediately!

"Good morning, Mr. Coyote! Break's over!"

"Oh #$%^&*, I thought you $%^&*s had quit."

Pushed him back and forth for a while, maybe a half hour. Beautiful cry, between the misty air, the trees, and the hillside it was like the peal of a hundred bells.

"Enough of this, I'm off!"

And so he was, skates on and gone. Hounds tried to keep up for a good distance, but they just couldn't hold on. Then drawing back to the meet, and found again in the same spot! A very typical thing for our coyotes, we'll find several then settle on one, the others will hang around secure in the knowledge that we won't be back. Wrong this time!

Couldn't push one out, scent was dying as the dampness burned off. A good first day for the field, of whom there were 60 or so, a shocking big number for 7 A. M.

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