Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yoda answers the telephone...

I often talk to people who seem not to catch on to what I say the first time. It's as though I'm not even speaking.

Granted, those are usually my bosses, or dates back when that happened.

But sometimes they call me on the telephone at work. But yesterday...

Victim: "I have pictures. Do you want them?"

Staghounds: "No, bring them with you to court."

(Talk about other things)

V: "Should I bring these pictures to court?"

S: "Yes, please do."

(Talk about other things)

V: "Do you want me to bring the pictures now, so you can keep them?"

H: "No, they are evidence for the trial, we don't keep evidence- you keep them safe, and bring them to court on trial day."

(Talk about other things. But I'm getting ready...)

V:"Should I bring these pictures when the trial happens?"

S: "Court pictures bring to, keep them we don't here."

V: ""Huh?"

S: "You didn't understand me the first three times about the pictures, I thought Yoda might get through. "

From now on, the fourth time they ask the same question, they get Yoda.


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Miss Carnivorous said...

I am totally with you on this. That is what happened when my grandma told me I was nasty all the time.

My grandma bought an exercycle at Montgomery Wards. She called my step-mama to pick us up. My grammy told me to meet my step-mama up front. So I asked if I was to meet her "in front of the store" or "inside the front of the store?"

Oh Lordy, she went off. She felt she had been very clear the first time.

So I said, "You don't have to get nasty with me."

She said, "I'm not nasty. You're nasty! You're nasty all the time."