Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Hunting Today, and Global Warming will increase food production

Due to flooding at the Flat Hunts. Grr.

Tomorrow is still on though.

Flooding. And snow, at the Home Hunt.

$%^&* Al Gore. My global warming is defective.

Although I hate to admit that there is such a thing, I have long believed it. I noticed years ago that we were having fewer and fewer snows, frosts, and too cold to hunt days. Just as the Otterhound packs noticed the decline of the otters first.

Which reminds me, it's only three degrees over a century, people. That means Tampa will be like...Miami!

I wonder, since the amount of land mass increases in the Northern Hemisphere and decreases in the Southern as one moves toward the poles from the outward limit of arability- how much MORE farmland will be available after that global warming? Despite the evasive, slanted, and conjectural stuff in this article, here's the money map-

The article's conclusions seem to be based on the agricultural results on existing farmland.

Buut... moving the polar direction arability lines only a little north and south produces big gains in available productive land. WELL WATERED available productive land. It MORE than offsets the loss from moving the equatorial "too hot" lines outward. All the Russians, Americans, and Canadians have to do is drive their cattle and run their tractors a little farther north.

And buy more of them, since they will be plowing more land. And buy less fertilizer, since it will be virgin,uncropped land.

Yes, poor and black people, and people ruled by tyrants, will be hardest hit. But unlike "Global Warming", which is a phenomenon we don't understand, don't know how to control, and won't be able to implement our magic solutions to, we can solve tyranny PDQ.

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