Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No health care for me, thank you...

I don't want universal health care. I don't even want my health care.

I've probably been forced to spend forty thousand dollars on health insurance over my working life. An ordinary tea pot would hold every suture, bandage, and pill-including aspirin-, that I've ever used. All the medical care I've ever had wouldn't cost two thousand dollars. I have yet to reach my deductible amounts.

Your health care is as much your business as whom you choose to marry.

I must be nearly unique- I haven't heard this view expressed.

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Sabra said...

Were it not for three surgeries (two of them for childbirth), I'd probably be right there with you. The last time I went to see a doctor for myself, I was bleeding copiously (it immediately preceded my lone non-childbirth surgery). That was nearly two years ago.

I don't have health insurance right now, nor do I particularly want it. The doctor my children (who do have insurance, which their father maintains) go to charges $40 or $45 for an office visit without insurance. That's cheaper for me than buying insurance would be.