Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Government Charges Surcharge For Using Its Own Money!!!

So, I went to the U. S. Post Office the other day to pick up passport application forms. The clerk explained the procedure and I asked what the fees were She added them up...

"$115. $1.50 more if you pay with cash."

"Say that again please?"

$115. $1.50 more if you pay with cash."

"So if I use a credit card, which costs the Post Office about $3.50, the price is LESS than if I use the paper that the U. S. Government says is legal tender?"


I remember back when the U. S. adopted the Beretta 9mm pistol. The initial contract was for so many pistols and magazines for so many dollars. I did some math and figured out that I, the idiot taxpayer, was paying like $37.00 per gun MORE than I would pay walking into my local gun store.

With nothing deducted for the advertising value of being the "Government Model", either.

Seriously, I would LOVE to be a price negotiator for a government agency.

"Alright, we'll buy all your next three years' production. But not at wholesale, only if you let us pay 10% over retail. And we INSIST on a surcharge for cash payment in advance."

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Barbara said...

So, using the Postal Service logic, if you pay for your passport in monthly payments, the gov will pay you interest? The American bureauocracy boggles the mind.