Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Great Haircut and a Tale of Romance…

So, it was time for me to get a haircut before going away- but things intervened and I went still shaggy. While walking in Taunton I passed Affinity For Hair at 44 Bridge Street, among all the charity shops.

(Sciencegirl is right, I ought to just travel with nothing and stock up here. At least on coats!)

So I had my hair cut by Laura, and it was a real pleasure. I told her how I like having my hair cut, the touching and being fiddled with. She said she didn’t like having hers done, which struck me as odd so I asked why.

"Because I know I can do it better. If I could take my head off and cut my own hair I would.”

I said THAT, I understood, it was an artist speaking. No one who loves doing something and is good at is can easily watch another perform. I suspect that holds true with any artist, racing drivers probably can barely endure a taxi ride.

But it was a real pleasure to feel her interest and effort come through in what some people would consider a prosaic or at least repetitive task. I admit that’s
powerful for me, and awesome to be around.

(No, I’m not about to have the Heather Blake experience again, once is enough.)

So if you need a snip in Taunton, give Laura a try!

As a bonus, someone in the shop heard me saying I was from away on holiday, and she told me she was not local either, but from Much Bigger City, and was establishing herself here as (NOT) a car mechanic. I asked her how she came to be here, and it was because it was her Beau’s home. Turns out she met him while on holiday in a third place, took a real liking to him but didn’t exchange digits.

The next week, she was at work in MBC, and thought she saw him walk past the garage.

“Don’t tell me, he went to MBC and looked in every garage until he saw you.”

No- a little later a friend of his came in to the garage and asked if she knew Beau from the holiday, because Beau said he thought he saw her in the garage.

Just coincidence- Beau and friend were there on some work related errand.

And the rest is history.

Of course, HE told it was coincidence. I like to think that he indeed did block the day out, and went to MBC to look into every garage to find his vacation crush.

Just took friend along to provide VTAOBAUN, and to insulate Beau from the shootdown he might have feared.

So, that was a day at the hairdressers. Hunting (within the law) tomorrow!

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