Thursday, September 16, 2010

Molly Norris, Another Martyr for Liberty, Another Victory for the Jihad...

Molly Norris is a hero, just like Ayaan Ali Hirsi.

I'm proud to share citizenship with her.

And like Ms. Hirsi, she's welcome to hide out at my house.

When that jackass in Florida came up with his Koran stunt, or people griped about the mosque, lots of people who opposed them talked about doing so as Christians- how their Christian faith made them oppose burning those books or protesting the mosque. Not because they were Moslems, but becayse it was important for Christians to demonstrate to Moslems that Christianity is about love and respect for people, even unbelievers.

Christians stood up- under their own names- for respect for Moslems. Because that was Ms. Norris' point- that if we all "go Spartacus" and stand up, the decent people win.

I would be ashamed to claim a faith and be silent in the face of its hijackers. My faith is being an American, and that's why I offered to hide her out.

Shame no powerful "moderate Moslems" think as much of their own religion.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to see a letter like this, with one of these signatures:

"Dear Ms. Norris;

First, as a devout Muslim, I have to tell you that your actions were disrespectful to my Faith, and to all Faiths. It is, at the very least, poor manners to mock the honest beliefs of others.

But Islam does NOT teach murder, or incitement to murder. Those who threaten you insult and betray genuine Muslims who can distinguish between mockery and mayhem.

My Faith teaches its followers to reach out to our fellow men and stresses the value of hospitality. That is a more important tenet of Islam than anything about drawing pictures.

It is more important to show the world that Islam is NOT about slaughter, but about decency and respect. It is the Religion of Peace, not of terror.

With this in mind, I offer to provide you with the hospitality of true Islam. If you would like to come to stay in my home, among my family, you may do so. You would be protected just as they are.

If you do not care to travel, I will personally provide you with whatever funds you believe are necessary to insure your safety. That includes living expenses and the cost of guards to protect you. I will pay the funds to a person you designate, so that I do not personally know your location or what steps you take.

And in any case, I want the world to know that Molly Norris, her family, and her property are under my personal hospitality. Anyone who harms or threatens to harm her does so to me as well.

I stand against terror and threats. Allah is a great and merciful God. He neither fears nor makes war on cartoonists. "

H. M. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Riyadh

H. H. Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Kuwait

H. H. Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, Muscat

Sen. Larry Shaw, Chairman, CAIR

THERE IS NO SUCH ACTUAL LETTER, which is my point.


Nancy R. said...

So we’ve got an American citizen, living in AMERICA, who as a result of exercising her Constitutional rights, is in fear of her life at the hands of some barbarian wogs? If the head of her local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the group "has a no tolerance policy for threats of violence" why aren’t they denouncing the threat? At great volume? This woman has to go into hiding on her own dime because this nation is overrun with apologists who are trying to preach “tolerance” to a culture diametrically opposed to any such notion?

Now I admit that when emotional the only gray I see in my world is black and white pixels alternately spaced, but what am I missing? How can we possibly have a better defined “bad guy”?

Barbara said...

I could not agree more. An innocent woman who has not broken any law now loses her life in essence because terroristic threats have become a crime without punishment.

KurtP said...


Sen. Larry Shaw, Chairman, CAIR
So,,,Is he a US senator -or state and which state?
If his name is on this letter, I guess we don't really need to ask which party...

AND is he also offering protection, or did he just reflexivly vote for/sign it without reading it because it's .....habit?

Nancy R. said...

Until the Muslin communitiy starts policing themselves (and their extremists), all I'm seeing here are words, not actions. I've come into middle age as a realist (some would call me a pessimist) by listening to the words instead watching the actions a few too many times. When you updated this post to include the letter, I really, really wanted to believe things were changing, but for now, at least, it's just more words. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I'm still waiting for actions to convince me that this is something more than a slick PR move.