Monday, September 17, 2012

Gettysburg Tackiness...

Tennessee has by far the crummiest, cheapest, most embarrassingly afterthoughty, uninspiring, and ugly state monument at Gettysburg.

"They fought and died for their convictions, performing their duty as they understood it."

Or whatever.

Even Mississippi's is better:

And the Alabama one seems proud, without any lost cause stuff.

Granted, Tennessee was the most riven and ambivalent of the Confederate states, and I understand that. And equally granted, that 1982 was a little late for strong Confederate advocacy. And that art in stone and bronze have declined awfully.

But surely they could have done better than this dull block. It looks like something for a Russian oligarch.

The Old Dominion says "Virginia to her Sons at Gettysburg", and Tennessee posts a math problem.

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