Thursday, December 30, 2004

Proud of Britain post....

I've been getting a regular laugh out of the

page. Especially the people who seem to think that the labor party is responsible for their relatives' health.

I thought I'd post, too, and this is what I started with-

"I'm proud that Britain has outlawed hunting. This will drive thousands of honest, hard working, and FUN people out of the country, and some will settle here. We need as many good new Americans as we can get, and every British hunting person I've ever met is already a good American- they just haven't moved yet. So thank you, Labour!"

Then I figured that even their lackeys might notice the sarcasm, so I trimmed it to-

"I'm so prou*d that thous ands of hunting people will now leave Britain, taking their ways to the U. S. and other countries that do not properly respect animals."

(The * and the space to foil a google search, in case they do that.)

That might slip through. And I listed myself as from Maynard Keynes, the planster's paradise.

I sent the original to the fake site,

but they didn't publish it.

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