Saturday, June 11, 2005

Professional Anti Gun Rights People...

Denise from the Ten Ring posted a list of anti gun types, but she left out the most dangerous- the PROFESSIONAL.

- the person who makes, or hopes to make, a living from pushing anti gun agenda. You'll seldom hear of these consultants, pr experts, and trial lawyers. They are our most dangerous enemies, because they coordinate the others and make them effective. They can't be converted, because their agenda and their livelihood have merged. If they are big in their world- Sarah Brady or Josh Sugarmann- they have become well paid leaders and are in charge of spending large sums of money that depend on their zeal and fund raising skill. If they are foot soldiers, their professional advancement depends on the same things plus office politics- they have to outdo their competitors.

Professionals might have come to their beliefs through one of their other routes, but their professional status makes them very different than your ordinary citizen from any other anti category.

Thaank you, Denise.

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