Monday, September 05, 2005

Refreshing Katrina response...

A friend in northern Louisiana, bypassed by Katrina, writes:

"One of the evacuees at the resident shelter in the church I am visiting has said, "Please don't send me back to the projects. I grew up there, I was trapped there. When the hurricane came, it wiped out everything I had. Now is MY CHANCE to make a new life. I have a job, I have somewhere for me and my kids to stay while I get some money in the bank. We have a chance to be something now."

Wow. Amazing to think of a tragedy being a way to GET OUT of a bad situation and start anew. Of course some of the N.O. people up here are the thugs and police are having alot of trouble in the Monroe area - esp. the Civic Center where the Red Cross shelter is and the mall. But there are a lot of good N.O. too. As they were saying today, the first two days the families that are staying in the shelters run by the Church arrived, they were exhausted but after that, they have kept their areas neat and tidy, done all the cleaning and cooking, helped out with preparing relief boxes and GOTTEN JOBS. Most that have looked for jobs have been placed, and not at Burger King and Walmart, but decent jobs, some teachers even got jobs in the school system. Amazing when you think of all the layabouts complaing about lack of jobs. "

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