Friday, September 30, 2005

We love the commisionwhore...

Once again, a traitor to the republic is revealed. And when this snake's corruption becomes public knowledge, what do his fellow politicians do? Do they denounce his crime, or distance themselves? Nooo, not in Tennessee- here, they make sure that the voters know that their sympathy and identification are with the thief, not the violated citizens. Why else would the arrest of a corrupt commissioner be a black mark/eye for the whole commission?

"When something like this happens, it is a black eye for the entire commission." No, doofus, it's a crime against your constituents. I wish you felt it was a black mark against the commission that parts of Hamilton County are free zones for burglars and thieves, or that the schools you run refuse to educate or even control their inmates.

Where is the commissioner who will say, " It's no reflection on me, it's a reflection on the criminal. I oppose theft and betrayal of the public trust. If Mr. Cotton did these things, he is a disgrace and should be hounded from public life after he returns from his insufficienty long prison sentence. Corruption should be rooted out wherever it is found, and I will do anything I can do to help that happen. The highest standards are the only thing that will do when it comes to the trust of our citizens."

  • Please CLICK HERE for the article I’m offering for your attention.

  • Also, if one can't trust one's bag man...

  • Please CLICK HERE for the article I’m offering for your attention.
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