Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amman wedding party murder details...

Turns out the martyr who blew up the wedding actually pushed his way into the group.

They weren't collateral damage, they were the goal.

Allah akbar!

A very good question from Claire-"*who* was in that wedding party?" The answer is, nobody in particular. Weddings are a big deal here, and families often schedule wedding parties for big hotels. The night when there is NOT a wedding party- with traditional musicians and dancing- is fairly unusual. There's no indication that there was targeting of anyone in the group personally, for who or what they were. The murderer was trying to make the point that he and his ilk were after "innocent civilians".

To Azrak tomorrow, then to dine at the Royale.


Claire said...

So the next question that springs to mind; *who* was in that wedding party?

Claire said...

In that case those splodydopes deserve a *special* place in the lowest doowar of Hell.

Kepp sharp, Mister.