Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Alert!

Today I rode the train from the terminal of the Atlanta airport out to my gate. Standing on one side of me in the train was a USMC Lieutenant Colonel, and on the other side was La Sheehan. YES, it was her, ankle tattoo confirms identification.

No entourage, no press, no nothing. Looks like the 15 minutes are over.

I have always said that I'm in no position to judge how another should react to the loss of a child. I consider that she was driven crazy (crazier?) with grief, at least I hope that she did what she did out of madness rather than ego.

She did just look tired and pathetic. I hope that she can find peace, she is still a gold star mother.

The Marine officer didn't recognise her, and was amazed when I told him after she got off the train.

I LOVE travelling with a tv-be-gone, I can turn CNN off at will.

Now I travel onward, to the world of sand and camels.

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Anonymous said...

For someone who claims to recognize the lack of position from which to judge a parent who has lost a child, you certainly moved right on to doing so. And, having read some of your other posts and realized that you don't see things very clearly, I seriously doubt the woman you saw was Ms. Sheehan. You just wanted to rub up against 15 minutes....