Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prince "Harry" resignation letter...

For those who haven't heard, Prince Henry of Great Britain will not be going to the war with his soldiers. The Army commanders have decided that threats against him make sending him more trouble than it's worth. Zaqarwi is pleased to discover that he is now the Household Cavalry's adjutant.

The prince is said to be disappointed. I'm sure he can write a better letter than my draft:

" My troop of Guardsmen has been ordered to active service. I have been ordered to relinquish my post and will not accompany the men I trained with, serve under, and command into battle.

I am told that this is because I am at greater risk that every other soldier in the campaign, and that my presence would increase the danger to my men and hamper their pursuit of victory.

I accept that judgement of my superiors.

I was trained and assigned as a combat officer. These orders tell me that although I may train, I may not serve fully in the army. Considerations other than my abilities will always govern my service.

My Uncle and Great Grandfather were permitted to share the greatest duty of citizenship with their fellow sailors. My purpose in entering the Army was to serve my country.

It is now clear to me that I will never be permitted to share that duty. I have been made a fraud and my training has been largely wasted. My superiors have decided that threats against me personally will control where I am assigned. I do not believe that it is in the best interests of my country, my regiment, or my comrades to put the Army in a position of appearing to cravenly obey the rantings of our enemies.

I know that combat service is not the only honourable or necessary post in war, and I take this step without meaning to disparage soldiers who serve in non combat positions. I have been trained at great expense to my fellow subjects. For that reason, I hereby request reassignment to a non combat position until my service term is completed. This will free a soldier whose life is less valued by our enemies than mine. When my current service term ends, I will resign my commission and seek other ways to serve my fellow subjects."

When threatened with blackmail, the great Duke said "Publish and be damned to you".

The best response to threats is always, "Do your worst." I expect that the guardsmen who would have been in the Prince's armoured car would agree, and there would be a long list of volunteers for those seats.

Starting with my own personal crush, I'll bet.

There's no way to polish this lump of crap. The British Army has altered a combat assignment because of threats by the enemy. Every one in Iraq who is fighting the barbarians or helping their victims is a target, and they all know it.

Everyone knows who won this little battle. Without a shot being fired. Again.


Anonymous said...

okay, i'll bite: Prince Henry of what house and in what generation?

staghounds said...

The current one of England. Explanatory note added.

Anonymous said...

The House of Windsor is through. Other than tabloid fodder, I don't see why they deserve the riches they run through every year, much of it at taxpayers' expense.

I used to respect ER II, but after she did not stand up for the way the countryside has been so viley treated these past decades I lost any respect in her. She does know duty, the only one left that does. That is why I cannot understand why she isn't ranting about the fact that it is her grandson's duty to fight alongside the other young men. She remembers the old codes. But then she totally let down her honest and good countryside, so maybe she really should let the throne go and just end it with her. I doubt William will be a good king. A good politician, perhaps. He was raised for that not duty. And Harry, all Harry has is the army, that is all he is fit for, that and spending money on polo ponies. At least let the man do the one thing he is good at.

Anonymous said...

if it's the "current" one, why do you call him Prince HENRY? I believe Harry is the correct name.

I don't think his statement is so bad. I think the issue really is the fact that he, just because he is who he is, poses a greater threat to the soldiers AROUND him. I don't think he's shirking his duty or being coddled. I think the soldiers who would have served with him (and their families) should be relieved that there won't be larger bullseyes on their backs due to their proximity to such a high value target. Wouldn't the "bad guys" love to get hold of Harry and wouldn't they risk quite a bit and take down anyone near him to get to him?

staghounds said...

I expect that there would be a long list of volunteers for those seats.

Starting with my own personal crush, I'll bet.

More extensive response added above.