Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Seigfried Sassoon and Michelle Norris...

Both earned the same decoration. One brave 19 year old! I wonder what the Queen thought? She started her career pinning these onto Dunkirk and Narvik evacuees.

The old pro still got a good review-

  • "I was a little nervous but the Queen was brilliant. She told me she was proud to be presenting me with the award and asked me some questions about if I'd be going back to Iraq."

  • Yes, she is, in November. Some people ARE fit heirs to their ancestors.


    Sharon@theaxis.cc said...

    Let's hope Miss Norris survives Iraq better than Sassoon did the trenches and that she doesn't go chucking the precious medal in some river.

    Still hate the MC Gallery was shut for renov when I was last in London.

    Oleg said...

    I wonder if the war in Iraq makes any more sense than the Great War did. It is sad when brave and capable people do the bidding of worthless or criminal leaders.