Monday, March 10, 2008

No Media Bias Here...

So, AOL has a little slideshow about political sex scandals. I wonder which are identified by party? Let's see:

Elliott Spitzer- a big mystery.
Larry Craig- Big R by his name.
David Vitter- Another R.
Mark Foley- R for all to see.
James McGreevey- We don't need to know.
Bill Clinton- Party unknown.
Bob Packwood- Clearly we DO need to know he's an R.
Donald Lukens- Another name followed immediately by that R.
Barney Frank- #9 is the first identified Democrat.
Gary Hart, another Democrat named as such.
Studds and Crane, one each, identified.
And in the era of black and white photography, Wilbur Mills gets his D.

Only three of 13 not identified by party, all D. Just a coincidence.

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Miss Carnivorous said...

All I can say is eeeuuwww.... Truthfully, all those guys are repulsive and should not have sex of any kind anyway. Yuk, just yuk!