Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ricin recipe...

My ScienceGirl is hilarious. Or scary. We were discussing something a group of people had done to upset one of her friends.

SG- If they do anything more to her, I'll be making up some ricin in the attic.

S- Maybe not making it, but at least getting the recipe and ingredients.

SG- No, I already have some...  errr... ahh... ummm...

Maybe K and kennelman C should compare notes.


Miss Carnivorous said...

You have to be careful what you joke about. After the Texas A&M shootings, my friend's brother made a joke at work that he was gong up to "the tower." Somebody overheard and called the police. They arrested him and put him under observation for 72 hours. I've been real careful about joking at work now.

staghounds said...

You're right about that.

Although there is a chain of shipping stores called
Goin' Postal"

Fortunately this conversation was on the telephone, which I do not believe is yet monitored.