Monday, May 12, 2008

Chihuahua Defeats Coyote!

"Bentley, a 2-year old Chihuahua owned by Jessica Ganchou of Bethlehem, is luckly to be alive after he was mauled and nearly killed by a coyote earlier this year. (Jim Shannon / RA)

Bentley the longhaired Chihuahua has a second chance at life thanks to a 9-volt battery, a loving owner and two skilled veterinarians who put him back together after he was attacked by a coyote.

The lap dog with the golden coat and diminutive body was romping behind his owner’s Bethlehem house at dusk Jan. 19 when a coyote snatched him. The coyote’s teeth pierced the dog’s flesh and clamped down as it headed for the edge of the yard.

Technology intervened. Bentley, who was wearing a battery-powered collar tuned to an electric fence in the yard, got an electrical shock as the coyote stepped over the metal wire. The charge zapped the coyote, which dropped Bentley and skulked away.

The little dog was lucky. Wildlife experts and veterinarians across Connecticut say the number of coyote attacks on pets, particularly small dogs like Bentley that appear as prey, has increased in recent years. Suburban sprawl is considered the biggest factor; homes built near hills and streams are in natural coyote habitat. Few disagree coyotes, which resemble small German shepherds, have become more aggressive, and are losing their innate fear of humans, as evidenced by the 2006 attack on two Washington, Conn., residents.

“The bottom line is coyotes are expanding into populated areas and perhaps into areas where pet owners are totally unsuspecting,” said Chris Vann, a wildlife biologist with the state Department of Environmental Protection. “They will protect their territories. If it can happen in the backyards of West Hartford and East Hartford, more populated areas, it can really happen anywhere.”

Don't fool with those electric Chihuahuas! Plus, what a great name for a news paper.

Found this article when I was looking at the Shocking! Southern California coyote "attacks".

No, they were coyote feedings . Your dog or child is just a meal, people.

The Chihuahua was in WATERBURY, and the Chicago animal control people catch more coyotes than our hunt does.

Detroit, too.


Barbara said...

Perhaps you should give up your local hunt and become an animal control officer. Sounds like more action and fun.

Miss Carnivorous said...

The coyotes are grabbing kids by the head and butt here in Ca. There was an article in the SF chronicle saying that "stupid people" are endangering coyotes in Golden Gate Park by feeding them.

You can liberals to admit that stupid people endanger animals but you can't get liberals to admit that animals endanger people or that "stupid people" endanger us all.

Miss Carnivorous said...

I want them to reintroduce grizzlies into inner city California parks. The liberals will be food on the hiking hoof.