Friday, May 02, 2008

Tennessee Democrat Mike Padgett Steals Web Site!

Usually, lefties just take liberty, initiative, money, and the future from their constituents.

But if you're running for office and you're from Knoxville, Tennessee, why not steal the VERY NAME of the second highest traffic blog from the SAME TOWN.*

Those dumb old conservatives won't notice. It's not as though they can read, or use Google, or anything like that. That's why nobody ever heard of Reverend Wright, or found out about the Kosovo runway ceremony.

Good preview of how you plan to deal with Tennesseeans when you get to the Senate, Mr. Padgett.

My prediction of his response-

It's not a blog! It's a Journal!
And he didn't know the other site existed, it's just coincidence.

And there is an extra word in there, so it's not the same title.

And he's sorry, he'll change it.

Too, let's see, how about....

Instantpundit !

*Until last month, when its author moved.



Anonymous said...

You have to love someone claiming to have the "rights" to all our front porches and the various views they may have. I guess you you claim to represent them all. Do you mind if someone trying to make a difference uses one of the front porches in America?

I have known Mike Padgett since he was on School Board. Long time Knox Countians know about the great and original ideas Padgett has put into practice over his lifetime.

Just drop him a thank you card the next time you visit a county satellite station to renew your car tags, or renew your Driver License at the Knox county Clerk's office instead of waiting 3-4 hours at a state facility.

Better yet, just spew lies and insults. If you can do no better...

After all, that is what the blogosphere is all about...surely not the truth.

staghounds said...

Ouch! I consider myself chastised.

I don't make a claim that I or anyone has the rights to all the front porches. Die straw man die!

I just thought it was an amazing coincidence that he picked a blog title that was very similar to an already well established and high traffic Knoxville blog. A month after its author moved out of Knoxville.

Sort of like a new arena football team in Knoxville calling itself the "Voles", or a restaurant calling itself "Calhoun's Beside The River".

I'm sure it was a coincidence. Like Upton Tea. (Click on the blue letters for a pretty picture!)

Because no one setting up a web site does a Google search for the prospective title, right?

Nobody would check to make sure there isn't already a similarly named site you don't want people looking for yours to go to. There might have been a "The View From The Front Porch" already, dedicated to the musings and pictures of a Nudist, Nazi, or NAMBLA member.

And google searches like

view from the front porch knoxville

Show the original View From The Porch as the first result.

Just plain

the view from the front porch

would have shown it sixth.

So it's just a coincidence, because no one could be expected to do all that research. It took me a whole 98 seconds. Fair enough, I'm just having a bit of fun.

Actually I never did think it was intentional, I was being sarcastic. I forgot that the Party of Tolerance was humor impaired.

No way would Mr. Padgett want his potential supporters to accidentally read cogent and sensible essays that explain in simple terms why his positions range from dumb (making oil companies pay more taxes will make gasoline cheaper) to disturbingly Soviet (turn all children between the ages of five and eleven over to State employees in groups of eight every day for full socialization).

No one who reads Tam's blog is fool enough to fall for Mr. Padgett's pitch.

So actually I hope that people looking for HIS site find HERS. They might learn something.

And yes, it was brilliantly clever of Mr. Padgett to set up multiple locations to provide service.

What a




Like the title to his blog, I'm sure it was

his own


concept as you say.

(Sorry to expose you to the racial slur in that last one. But as a member of the PoT, I am confident you will find a way to express your outrage to the perpetrators.)