Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Hello, Mr. Woods?"

"Jim Adboss from Cadillac. We're all ready to shoot your new television spot for Escalade and OnStar.

Oh, you don't have the script yet? Picture this, you see the lights of an Escalade speeding away from an angry blonde woman waving a golf club...

What do you mean, you won't do it? Mr. Woods, you survived a wreck in an Escalade, and OnStar contacted you while you were being attacked! You can't BUY that kind of publicity!

Plus, there's a great tie in with Ping and Tag Heuer, we could co-op!

Well, Mr. Woods, I understand that. But we DO have you under contract...

Are you REFUSING to do the endorsement and contracted advertisements? Well, you know you'll have to refund our payments and pay a penalty fee...

Thank you, Mr. Woods, and good luck."

"Mr. Chairman, it worked! He refused and quit, we'll be getting our money back!


Yes, sir, we CAN get a blonde model and a golf club. And you're right, we DO own the OnStar tape..."

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