Monday, December 28, 2009

Umaru Abdul Mutallab is a Genuine Hero...

We are always crying about "where are the non criminal Moslems".

We finally find one- Umaru Abdul Mutallab put his actual life on the line to save Western strangers from murder.

And what do we do?

1. Ignore his warning, and

2. Make sure that every Moslem on earth knows he did it.

Thank you, Mr. Mutallab. Your reward is having to look over your shoulder forever. Your children win the same prize!

And anyone who is thinking of telling the Americans something?

Remember that what you did and who you are will make every front page and television screen on the planet.

I remember how crazy SOME segments of the chattering classes went over the "outing" of Valerie Plame.

Whoever the "source" is who told about Mr. Mutallab is a traitor to the United States, an enemy of humanity, and an active supporter of Al Quaeda. He or she ought to hang.

The news outlets who provide this information to our enemies and Mr. Mutallab's future killers are equally allies and helpers of the murderers.

And if Mr. Mutallab or his family want to hide out at my house, they are welcome.

(Yes, I'm listing his name. In hopes that maybe someone will pick up on the idea of shutting the @#$%^&* up next time.)

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Anonymous said...

wow. I completely missed that aspect.

Whoinhell is running this goat rope, anyway?!? Buncha Klownz...