Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Day of the Lucky Coyotes…

(If you click on the pictures, you will get a full size version with much more detail.)

Day of the Lucky Coyotes…

Bifixtural again. First with the OFH, plenty of pylons.

Hounds were drawing, and we saw this fellow cross the road away:

Hard to see, aren’t they? In the top swathe of stubble in the the plough, half way between the cedar tree and the end of the little covert.

His horoscope was in, they decided to keep drawing in another direction.

Later in the day we saw and holloaed on the chicken bandit depicted below, and again he was rejected for a more likely prospect who failed to deliver.

In the "A" of the pylon-

I did manage to get in trouble. I was trying to get off the road and out of the way, but it looked like I was trying to get ON the road and IN the way. Earned a good stout Hold Hard, and rightly so.

And it was end of day at the OFH. They very generously invited me to their end of season do, and it was lovely.

Quite another time like the dinner after the Equipage de Ph., it is such a pleasure to see a happy family.

Then up to the Home Hunt, where we saw the following series of events. As you look at the first picture, hounds are drawing about a quarter mile in front of my position, far out of sight, on the way home and smelling nothing.

Then, hello, from behind those round bales...

Yes, a big old coyote, bold as brass, crossing the field right in front of us.

He wasn’t “hunted”, but I believe he had received our attentions at another time.

He was definitely clearing the area, stopping regularly to listen to what might be going on behind him.

Eight minutes later, hounds came along and got on board.

Four in front…

You can see how spread out they became, and how quickly.

Unfortunately it was toward the end of the day, so he was given best.

And end of day again.

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