Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Our Congress are Straight Up Black Liquor Thieves...

It's only six billion dollars or so in estimates, so we can look for about fifteen billion in fact. But you and I are about to buy some paper companies. We are going to do it the government way, though- we will pay the full value and then some, but we won't actually own the companies.

The thing I like about the article is that everyone pretends that they are surprised, that these are "unintended consequences".


Some very clever, highly educated, well trained, and well paid people imagined, designed, and sold this profoundly complex "loophole" for their own direct benefit. More than half the Senate just voted, very specifically and publicly, to keep it going.

There are no unintended consequences here, there is no such thing as "government waste".

And MANY THOUSANDS of programs identical in principle.

A tax "loophole" is made to exactly fit someone with its blueprint.


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