Thursday, April 29, 2010

Again With The Hilarious Day Wife...

DW(preparing to leave for the day): "You won't have to put up with me much longer."

Staghounds: "You sound like you're trying to get sympathy from your children before they put you in the old people's place"

"Listen, that might not be so bad for a little while. Get a book to read..."

"And they are all old, you could take them if they tried to cause trouble."

"They would be my b*tches. I'd have all the Ensure I wanted."

But later, she topped that-

Staghounds: "I think I'm going to take up drinking."

DW: "It doesn't help that much."


Nancy R. said...

Has your DW always been like this? I ask because Sweet Daughter is starting already.

She (at 4 years old) was having a rough day. I suggested she take a warm bath. "There not much a warm bath and some chocolate won't help make feel better", I said.

"Except a broken leg", she depaned.

Yeah. I have no idea where she gets if from, either.

staghounds said...

That sort of outlook just comes out of nowhere, doesn't it?

Nancy R. said...

Kindergarten is going to be an interesting adjustment this fall, that's all I can say. Especially for her teacher.