Thursday, June 10, 2010

Silly Negro, Don't You Understand How It Works...

Yesterday, the lead Yahoo news article headline was was about how "insiders" had won all the primaries, by rebranding themselves as "outsiders"- followed by a discussion of one D who should have had a walkover, but barely won by using the "underdog" idea. The rest of the article was about Tea Party candidates and Palin endorsees winning.

But I remembered South Carolina.

I fumed at this racist, tell-you-what-to-think article
when I read it months ago:

The candidate, a 32-year-old unemployed black Army veteran named Alvin Greene, walked into the state Democratic Party headquarters in March with a personal check for $10,400. He said he wanted to become South Carolina’s U.S. senator.

Needless to say, Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler was a bit surprised...

“It’s sad to see an unemployed veteran be so na├»ve as to believe that using his savings to file for office is the best use of his money,” Fowler says.

He spent less than $5000 on his campaign, no media appearances, no debates. And HA, HA, HA.

You would think his victory would be the banner national headline.

Of course, the article is very negative, as you'd expect. An unapproved Negro? How dare he, and so naive!

I would bet money that his positions are NOT traditional national Democratic, too.

I will be laughing all day.


Keads said...

Actually I live near the border with SC and they had Mr. Greene on a local talk show. It was a very sad showing for Mr. Greene. I don't think he has any positions based on that interview!

Interviews are linked here, scroll down and on the left!

Windy Wilson said...

Isn't this how Zev Yaroslavsky got elected as a Los Angeles County Supervisor? I recall among his campaign speeches, that he said he was running so he could get the car.
Of course, he's a dem, too, so maybe this is in a manual somewhere. . .