Friday, June 18, 2010

If You Are Going To Rant About Your Expertise,

don't foul up in the actual rant itself.

Tam noticed the pathetic arrogance about nothing, but not the most delicious work of trained expert award winning journalist (tm) Ruben Navarrette:

"Kutcher was talking about anyone who subscribes to the belief that their views and opinions are just as valuable as the views and opinions of media professionals who have the benefit of editors, producers, fact checkers and years of experience. Put another way, this tribe believes that the views and opinions of columnists, radio talk show hosts, television commentators and other pundits are no more valuable than what you pick up from Twitter, Facebook or the scores of faceless individuals who blog feverishly. "

might have been more effective if it hadn't followed

"...Kutcher– whose has more than 5 million followers..."

Here's the screenshot, for after Mr. Integrity hides his mistake.


Ruben Navarrette integrity check! As of 6-18-11AM EDT,

31 still unnoticed by all those layers and layers of expertise,

106 down the memory hole.

Now 75 wrong and 156 right- clearly the article was sent out wrong and about half the experts caught the mistake. Gell-Mann effect: if they get spelling wrong, what unobvious errors are there?

"Trained newspaper journalists- we foul up less than half the time!"

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Bill Sticker said...

Fact checking? Spelling checking? Journalistic FAIL.

'Professional communicator' my pert left buttock.