Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's In That Snowball, Crispus Attucks?

Thanks to Tam and a chain of wookie suiters, just saw this interesting advertisement:

I find it particularly hilarious that at 2:32, the ZBV is about to drive across the site of - wait for it-


I recognise it from July 4 2009, when I stood right there, listening to the Declaration of Independence being read for the 209th consecutive year and crying like a baby.

(Yes, I know it was a bogus street riot inflamed by insurgents and that the soldiers and their officer acted with great restraint. But it's an iconic event in U. S. history none the less under that name.)

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Nancy R. said...

And the title of this post was not in the least bit abstruse. Made me laugh right into my drink.