Saturday, October 02, 2010

Good Morning Coyotes! Break's Over...

At last! Cubhunting at 8. A shame we didn't go at 7, it was perfect:

Quite a good day, the noise of hounds pushed a herd of deer from a wood.

Five minutes later, hounds drew through and only two puppies even noticed the deer's trail. Kermit and another feathered along a bit, but they were just checking-

L. spoke to them and back to the pack they went.

Ten minutes later, and BANG! Music crashed out, hounds were all on and tearing after a coyote.

Break's over, indeed!

They ran him for a while, but couldn't hold on and got strung out.

Then a couple more draws, and they put three out of one covert, young ones it looked like. Again, late in the morning, heat was making it more difficult.

Still, a pretty day to be out.

Of course, a few hounds were off on frolics and detours of their own.

I hate radios, but I luuuurves me some:

radio collars. MUCH easier to find those electric dogs.

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Barbara said...

Hear ye hear ye. As the opening of grouse season in England,August 12th, is known as The Glorious Twelfth, I proclaim October 2nd to be The Glorious Second. Nice day and great fun. Even if you have to use electric dogs