Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Days Autumn Woodland Hunting...

Off for back to back days. Saturday at eight, frost on the ground but too warm within a half hour.

It was a pretty day to be out, reasonably cool and the sun was pretty coming through the trees.

Hello, Domino's?

I shouldn't talk, I was texting my littermate in Bulgaria at the same time. Miracles and wonders.

Big old hawks are everywhere now.

We have farm diversity!

Equine, too- there were a couple of Swedish Sled Ponies out.

Actually they are Austrian Haflingers, but someone said Swedish Sled Ponies and it sounds more exotic.

The next day, at seven thirty, so cooler.

Again with the artistic misty shadows.

Hounds found in a big cedar wood, and pushed him around and around. He never left covert, but was viewed- a grey fox!

The first hunted around here in a looong time.

A lovely couple of hours, hounds never quit and the music was enhanced by the echoes and breakup effects from the woods and hillsides.

Sometimes those days are just what the doctor ordered, no scampering, just drinking it in.

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Barbara said...

What a lovely day. Thank you for sharing it.