Friday, November 04, 2011

Visiting Jersey...

Not the cheap scruffy new one, the original. Home of the dramatic checkout,of which more anon.

Slept like the dead on the flight, off and back on the flight to Jersey, and into St Helier. Ditched the suitcase at Condor Ferries, then strolled into town. Stopped at the Tourist Information center, where the staff were very helpful and directed me perfectly! Started to get ouchy feet, but thanks to the crew from Esprit UK

all fixed!

And if you need any snake knowledge...

By the way it is black in England and they call it "gaffer" tape.

Luncheon on the square

at the Cock and Bottle, cared for by the charming and attentive Carrie. `

Which is the locale of the above mentioned dramatic checkout. The bullet damage has been repaired, in typical English fashion-

with perfectly round, contrasting colour, plugs that stand proud of the surrounding surface. This time I think it was on purpose.

Tomorrow, the odd public statuary of this place!

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