Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hunt Week 2012 Day Two...

A good grey day, pleasantly cool and damp.

The visitors from my old home pack are hunting today. That country is rocky, forested, and pretty vertical. It will be interesting to see how our (their? I am a member of both families!) hill climbing hounds handle this soft flat plough. At least we are fully staffed-

two huntsmen mounted, two afoot, and whippers in like crazy.

A fair sized mounted field, too.

Found in the first draw, and off. As usual with these coyotes he made a loop, running eventually into a swampy forest covert. I was on the road which runs along south of it, and sure enough out he popped. Um, no- the wrong one!!

Grr, he's still in there someplace.

And off across the field, east not south.

Hounds all on... But they couldn't hold it.

Now an hour and a half hiatus, which we spent trying to get two spun-out hounds into the truck. Cost me a packet and a half of petits beurres. So back to the hunt....

"Oi! That's my lawn!"

And the last draw, which was also the first draw

held a nice coyote who looped around and eventually

ran through the same part of the country.

Couldn't hold him either, so end of day. One of our visiting whippers in told me that her GPS showed 28 miles, where a typical day is 15 or 20. And her horse was not even tired! "Back home we would be breaking out the Banamine!" Vertical is MUCH harder.

I don't know what happened here. J. is pretty concerned...

As is everyone else!!

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