Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Islamic Fascism" is a term for the ignorant...

This “Islamic Fascism” is a stupidly ahistorical phrase. The people engaged on the other side aren’t fascists, they have no political or economic ideology at all, fascist or otherwise. People just say “fascists” because that’s the leftover Soviet term of abuse, and it sounds bad.

May as well call them “Islamic Klansmen” or "Islamic paedophiles" or "Islamic wearers of checks with stripes" for all the sense it makes.

They are Moslems. Fanatical, extreme, fundamentalist, or just true believers, but their religion IS their ideology and war aim. It’s like saying the Crusaders were "Catholic Nazis" or those of Gustavus Adolphus “Protestant White Supremacists”.

It still beats broad strata, though.

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