Monday, August 14, 2006

A perfect jihad victory!

Attention jihadis!

Every time you fly, carry a cellular telephone. Be sure it can't be traced to you- steal one, or just get a broken one at a junk shop. When you fly, take it with you. When you arrive at your destination, leave it between the seat cushions. Eventually the infidels will find it. They will panic- I wonder how many tens, or hundreds, of thousands of pounds are sucked out of their economy by turning around a trans atlantic flight? Plus it reinforces the whole point of the jihad- the kuffar are craven weaklings.

Their fear makes them stupid, too- no one thought to eject the thing from the airplane, take the batteries out, or just stamp it to bits?

Allah is truly great.

  • " LONDON - A British Airways flight to New York was turned back to London’s Heathrow airport on Sunday because of a security scare over a mobile phone that did not belong to any of the passengers, officials said."
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