Thursday, March 22, 2007

The 1984 advert man thinks we need a liar for President...

I loved the 1984 advert when it came out, and the Hillary parody was great- the ipod was brilliant. The maker finally identified himself. In his Huffington post, he says something very revealing.

  • ...Senator Clinton's "conversation" is disingenuous... I also believe that Senator Clinton is a great public servant, and if she should win the nomination, I would support her and wish her all the best.

  • Now, the American Heritage primary definition of "disingenuous" is "Not straightforward or candid; insincere or calculating".

    So, he's saying that Mrs. Clinton is not straightforward or candid; that she is insincere or calculating, and that she is a great public servant whom he'd support in running for President.

    "I like MY liar" is an awful thing to think, that honesty is a lower priority than ideology. Before everybody screams "Bush lies", actually read what I'm writing here.

    Honesty SHOULD be a highly valued thing in a republic's officers. Probably the MOST highly valued. In our polity it's become essentially irrelevant.

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