Monday, October 13, 2008

Coca y Adam Smith...

So I was at Harris Teeter yesterday, looking for some World Harbors Hawaiian Teriyaki. Yes, it's too sweet but goooood.

Aaaanyway, there I was in the "International foods" section, looking at all the foreign provender, when my eye was caught by a familiar shape- a glass coke bottle!

Hmm, what's that doing here among these heathen kickshaws? Nothing is a more obvious indicator of the cultural imperialism of the Yankee oppressor than Earl Dean's claim to fame.

So I looked a little more closely. It was Coke- Mexican coke, right there in Brentwood!

I've since found out (from food goddess Tam that Mexican coke is a big deal for some people.

Now, I've already proven conclusively in these pages that a centrally planned economy can't even deliver what it promises- basic goods and services- because the quantum of even those basics is unknowable.

No central planning authority would ever have thought of Mexican Coke. *

Heath Robinson and Rube Goldberg working together couldn't have come up with the unknown, unknowable series of desires, information transfers, opportunities, and economic risks which brought that Coca Grande from Sonora to Tennessee. But there it was, waiting patiently to remind an ignorant gabacho of the power of liberty.

Why is that important? Who gives a rat's scabby tail whether one can get sugar in his fizzy drink in one place and fructose in another?

We do. Not "the people", not "the poor", but actual real individual human beings. Even if central planning COULD work, it's evil. Because it only fills the pantry with what someone else thinks you need or want.

That makes us cattle. And cattle never built a bridge, thought up a story, or shipped a Mexican Coke.

Although some central planners are working hard to stop Mexican Coke. In the Coca Cola company for the kind I saw, and we all know THEIR power:

(2.48 if you're in a hurry.)

Good luck with that.

And at DEA, and inside my clothes for that matter. Good luck with that, too.

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DirtCrashr said...

We had that show-up at Costco here last year. Makes a better Cuba Libre than the regular stuff.