Saturday, October 25, 2008

A riot bet for all you chickens little...

I'm sick of this riot talk. So here's a bet for any who want it...

The bet is that:

1. in at least five of the 50 states,

2. in non contiguous counties (e. g., Philadelphia and Trenton count as one, not two),

3. armed, uniformed units of the U. S. regular army,

4. will be deployed, in at least battalion strength in each case,

5. to enforce domestic law or to preserve order under declared martial law following actually occurring riot ( as defined by TCA 39-17-301(3)),

6. before midnight on the night between Nov. 17/18, and

7. the deployments will be reported on NBC, CBS, and ABC news.

I'm good to bet against that, up to say $10,000.

Tam can hold the stakes.

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