Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hunt Difficulties...

I've not been writing much lately, just not fired up. Perhaps because of a couple of hunt related difficulties.

In England, Exmoor is about to be a real wreck. Everyone knows the stereotype that we're stupid-

"Did you hear about the stupid foxhunter? So stupid that the others noticed".

But we aren't so dumb that we don't know what a pyramid scheme is. Alas, someone has started one up on the moor, and people are buying in. The two I heard of were three thousand and five thousand pounds to get into.

Now this is just a way to steal from one's neighbors. Whether it's legal (it's not, but I've heard people talk themselves into thinking it is), whether anyone is prosecuted, its wrong.

It's particularly disturbing that the Masters aren't speaking out against this evil. I've even been told that some are participating!

I hoped we were better than that.

And when it all collapses, there will be so much anger. You can sell someone a bad horse, or run off with his (or her) spouse, and he will get over it.

But he will ALWAYS miss that three thousand pounds.


Closer to home, my local hunt has split up after a quarrel. It must be what divorce is like for a child- "But I don't want joint custody! I want Father and Mother to be back together! What will we do about Christmas?"

These rifts happen from time to time in the hunting world, they are always ugly and sometimes just awful. We've been fortunate up until now, but the "perfect storm" arrived.

All these people, for me, are what family is supposed to be. As I said when the snit was getting out of hand, when elephants fight, all the grass can do is get trampled.

So I'm trying to be Switzerland, but it's difficult.

And of course, politics and economics are just awful. I finally get enough money to think about knocking off work, and now it will be worthless!

But none of these things are within my control or influence. Irritating none the less.

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