Friday, March 13, 2009

Provocative Clothing...

No, not that kind. But I'm sure I'll get hits from illiterate searchers.

No, Tam's post of yesterday reminded me of my first time wearing provocative clothing. It was on my first trip to England. I had lots of hunting laid on, and the bag with my black coat in it had failed to follow me. So I went to the Camden Lock flea market, which at that time was still fairly new. Rooted around among the previously owned clothing and found a passable black coat- only six pounds! As I paid with a 20, I told the girl that she had really helped me out in a crisis, and to keep the change. She asked what crisis, and the result was dramatic. She got all red, threw the money down (behind the counter), and started shouting abuse at me.

As did the other extras from "Trainspotting" in the shop. A couple of things were thrown at me, poorly, and so I retreated under fire. They pursued me for a little distance, too.

I agree with Fran Lebowitz that "If people don't want to listen to you what makes you think they want to hear from your sweater?", but now and then I'll wear a shirt or cap with a Hunt logo on it in urban England. It's good for a few hisses and "Hunt Scum!"s every time.

To which I always reply with a big smile and an invitation to come out for a day. None has yet said yes, but I'm hopeful. A day out in the country with happy people is always a benefit.

Good fun.


Miss Carnivorous said...

My ex, the taxidermist and his hunter friends used to have an event wherein they all brought their mounted animals for blind kids to feel. It was really neat. They had rattlesnakes, crocodiles and African lions and badgers and bears and every other animal. Kids who could not see animals could actually get an idea about their real sizes shapes and textures.

They did this for a few years and it was even put on by a Black guy who grew up in the worst neighborhood in East Palo Alto, but could they get any press about the event, hell no!

My favorite moment was when one of the guide dogs saw the stuffed lion and would not go near it. The trainer tried to force the dog to go up to it and I told her that she should not. "If the dog sees a lion she should not let her owner walk near it, she's doing the right thing."

KurtP said...

I had some words with a Brit from a chatroom I used to go into.
The usual cr@p about slaughtering the beauty of nature and precious resources and all.

I ended up telling him that America wasn't England and deer were as bad of pests as 170 lb. gophers and were NOT the property of the .gov, so get a clue besides Bambie movies.