Thursday, March 12, 2009

NPR Journos Finally Notice Old Story, Get It Wrong...

So this morning K called me to tell me that NPR had a story in which their experts decided that the gun industry was not just recession proof, but recession driven! That's right, the trained gatekeepers of information noticed that S&W and Ruger stocks went up, and decided that since there's a recession, that must have caused it!

Tomorrow, NPR finds out that wet streets cause rain!

(To be fair, she told me that at the very end there was a line about "And maybe Obama has something to do with it.")

I haven't heard the piece, still looking and will post a link if I find it.

This has been a story in the internets for well over nine months, and we in the 2A world know exactly what drives it. The failure to see it is a pure example of the Pauline Kael effect. As I said, no one at NPR is, or will admit he is, or admit he knows someone who, came home from the gun show/ Wal Mart/ gun shop/ rural general store, or international ship unloading port and said, "#$%^&*, I can't believe how people are buying ammunition, magazines, and AR receivers."

Because admitting that you know even know someone who doesn't mean a shiny paper thing when he says magazine is probably career death at NPR.

There's some agenda going on here too, though. Remember, TheOne told those bitter, clingy gun nuts that he was no threat! All the Journalistic Experts agreed! Guns are a dead issue, it's Hope and Change and Stimulating the Economy!

The idea that there are enough Americans- and remember, gun nuts are Lower Middle Class Community College graduates at best- to keep the vast, shadowy, evil Gun Industry bucking a nationwide economic trend is scary! That must mean that huge numbers of people- dumb people, who should listen to the experts- don't believe what those experts are telling them!

Not only that, but they disbelieve to the extent that they are spending their about to be laid off paychecks directly and specifically on that disbelief.

It is, of course, a mistaken disbelief- those millians of "ordinary" Americans can't be right that TheOne was lying.

No! Get back on that mental reservation!

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