Sunday, April 12, 2009

Attorney General Holder: Idiot...

"Attorney General Eric Holder said this past week that the Justice Department had not seen a case of piracy against a U.S. ship in hundreds of years."

Let's see.

First, we'll take Piracy to mean the old fashioned maritime kind, not the RIAA nonsense, or Aircraft Piracy, which the DOJ has prosecuted vigorously MUCH more recently than that, as even General Holder knows.

Let’s see, “Hundreds” would be 1809 at the latest.

The DOJ prosecuted Shi Lei, who was convicted of piracy in 2005.

People were being convicted, and hanged, by US District Courts in the 1830s. The last Federal execution for piracy was in 1862 for engaging in the slave trade, a thing forbidden by the US piracy act of 1820 as amended.

And since the Department of Justice was founded in 1870, it’s only 139 and has yet to do anything “hundreds of years” ago.

(Took me 7 minutes to find all that on the web.)

I HATE sloppy talk, it is a symptom of sloppy thinking.

I’d fire a lawyer who was that careless if he worked in my office, and this eejit represents ME in court!!

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Barbara said...

Yes but Holder's inaccurate comment is a better soundbite for the media